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BitCoin Cloud Mining

BitSavings makes it so simple to tap into the lucrative Bitcoin mining world without hardware or technical knowhow - purchase mining contract to immediately begin earning hourly interest rates of 0.15% to 0.2%.

What do we solve?

BitSavings stands as the market’s easiest to use and most rewarding cloud Bitcoin mining system. No tech knowledge needed - just an investment of your choosing and an eagerness to generate Bitcoin earnings.

Save your energy, time and hardware - we have made things easy for you.
Smart mining

Mine the most profitable cryptocurrency for miners, Bitcoin, without needing any hardware.

How to Start 
Fixed hourly interest

Once you sign up for a mining contract, your interest will be fixed and available on demand.

Mining Contracts 
No strings attached

Mining contracts run for one year, but you can exit it at any given time, with little to no fee.

Terms of Service 

Beyond the ordinary

BitSavings provides you with an easy way of renting hashing power, without you worrying about the technical side of things or the instability of cryptocurrency markets. Fixed prices and a fixed rate mean you know what you are getting once you sign up for an Bitcoin mining contract with us. Learn More

Starter Pack

0.15% Hourly

(3.73 TH/s - 1800 TH/s)

- Minimum Deposit : 0.001 BTC

- Maximum Deposit : 0.099999999 BTC

- Principal back anytime.


0.17% Hourly

(2000 TH/s - 8000 TH/s)

- Minimum Deposit : 0.1 BTC

- Maximum Deposit : 0.49999999 BTC

- Principal back anytime.


0.2% Hourly

(From 8500 TH/s)

- Minimum Deposit : 0.5 BTC

- Maximum Deposit : 100 BTC

- Principal back anytime.

Profit Calculator

Enter amount (BTC):

Daily Revenue



37.26 TH/s

Daily Return

The hardware is already running in full swing!

There are no pool charges applied. The customers are not required to wait or pay for shipping. Not a single second of mining is wasted and it starts immediately. There is also no downtime due to system crashes. With the purchase of an Bitcoin mining contract, a share of the GPU, i.e. Graphics Processing Unit is also purchased for mining Bitcoin. Ethash or Dagger-Hashimoto is the hashing algorithm that is used for mining BitCoin.

And more other great features
Collect interest instantly

Transfer your interest to your external wallet without any fees instantly from your account balance.

Constant progression

Our mining contracts provide you with constant interest throughout every day of the week for a period of one year.

Dynamic contract

Exit your mining contract at any given time before the period of one year, with as little as a 5% fee.

Safe and secure

Your personal information is secured and encrypted with state-of-the-art security measures 24 hours a day.

Friendly support

Live support available through 3 different channels: phone, email, and live chat. Contact us 24 hours a day and you will be assisted.

Accessible any time

We ensure DDOS cloud mitigation services for you to access and use our platform any time, without any delays.

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BitSavings makes it so simple to tap into the lucrative Bitcoin mining world without hardware or technical knowhow - an account is all you need to start generating earnings!